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Created 28-Mar-10
Modified 12-May-19
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"Hey You...with the Face!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and neighbors alike.

If you are ailing, yer kidneys are failing, listen close, now don't be shy...

We've got yer tonic, we've got yer fixer.

Try Happy & Humpy's miracle elixir.

It'sgood fer the shivers, it's good fer the bends, it's good fer yer familyand good fer yer friends. It's good fer arthritis, it turns back yerclocks, it battles the plague, the fever and pox

THE HAPPY &HUMPY TRAVELING MEDICINE SHOW has been around the world delightingroyalty and healing noblemen, performing to princes and prognosticatingfor peasants.

We've seen the world, and we've been around,from Paris, France to this small town...We've done the math and triedthe rest, and can assure you, it's the best.

It ain't too sweet, and it ain't too bitter, try Happy & Humpy's miracle elixir.

Comeexperience the wonder and oddity, the thrills and spills, thetemptation and salvation of the THE HAPPY & HUMPY TRAVELINGMEDICINE SHOW for one night only.

Featuring some of yer favorite harlots, jezebels, sinners, saints, hobos and snake oil salesmen...
Happy von Speaknspell
Lola the Lowfat Vanilla Girl
Greta Torn Garters
Gigi McGregor
Sammich the Tramp
Whiskey Gulch
Calamity Flair and her bayou black magic
Princess Sumfaroff
and the musical salvation and stylings of
The Hayfoot Strawfoot Gospel Ensemble

Only ten dollars, the one-half part of a twenty-dollar bill.

Music, hoochie coochie, soothsayin', flea circus, magic, healin', burlesque and enough Happy and Humpy Miracle Elixir for all."