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Met up with a couple friends I mine at the park to shoot their engagement photos.  These guys are so great together and a lot of fun.....I couldn't be happier for them!!





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EVAN TURNS ONE! Patriotic Pool Party Evan had a BLAST at his very first birthday party.....which was a patriotic, pool party!!








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ELOISE TURNS TWO! Little Eloise wanted all of her friends to come out to help celebrate her birthday!  This was a farm related party and all sorts of animals showed up to get attention. :)

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SNOW STORM - 2013 Well, we hit a record today with the snow!! Largest snow since 1982 - 12.2"   We saw a lot of it coming down on our trip back to St. Louis from a wedding shoot in Springfield, IL.  
This is our view of Downtown St. Louis as we came home.

Later Sunday evening, I went for a drive around Lafayette Square Park and Tower Grove Park to catch some photos of the snow before I lost the light.  Everything was soooo beautiful and magical!  There weren't too many people out so we were able to pull over a lot and snap some photos.  The snow wasn't stopping so I had to pretty much stay in the car to shoot....I also put my camera inside of a plastic grocery bag with a hole, just in case.



Later, I went home to let my dogs out to play in the snow and snapped a few shots in the remaining light. :)


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EMILY - CLASS OF 2013 I had such a great time getting to shoot her senior photos!  She was so beautiful and such wonderful youthful energy!

We also found some wonderful Gingko leaves still showing off their yellow.  

Emily's family shares their home with two adorable French Bulldogs, so of COURSE they just had to be in the limelight as well....


Later we went further into the city to find some great textured backgrounds....

We just had to make a trip to the tracks and see the graffiti wall before the sun went down for the day.

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GIULI + MATT (Engaged) It was a beautiful day in the park for Guili and Matt's engagement session.  I have known this couple for quite a while and I work with Giuli at Four Muddy Paws.  They are very comfortable together and were very easy to photograph.  I was also lucky enough to include their canine children, Copee and Audrey Hepbull.

We started off our day at Drew Henry Salon on Cherokee (my hair stylist btw :)).  Dani and Carrie got right to work on Giuli's makeup and her long tresses.  They did a fabulous job!!!

Then off we headed to the park to capture some of the beautiful Autumn colors!

The dogs were doing great and had a lot of fun with the props.


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CATIE + SAM These two are the greatest couple!  I got to meet Catie and Sam in the summer for their engagement shoot and I just knew this would be a fun wedding!

To see the rest of the photos in the slideshow....visit HERE

Ceremony & Reception: Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Stoltz Grand Ballroom (at the same church), New Melle, MO
Caterer: Chef Manhardt at American Bounty Restaurant, Washington, MO
Cake: Krause Katering, Florissant, MO

Wedding Invitations: Rebecca Digiralomo, MooseInk (
Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero, White Traditions
Hair: Spa Winghaven
Makeup: Spa Winghaven
Wedding Bands: Hannoush Jewelers

DJ -Aaron from Complete Music

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AFTER DARK EDUCATION - KANSAS CITY This was my VERY FIRST Afterdark Workshop and I attended it with fellow photographers, Cathy Dervalis of Goodnight Moon Photography and Alecia Hoyt of Alecia Hoyt Photography.  This was a 3 day workshop that kept us up til the wee hours of the morning packing in as much photography knowledge as we could wrap our brains around. :)

What is After Dark EDU you say?   Here's a little video to help you to visualize all the fun we had there.....


We stayed at The Sheraton in Crown Center and our room was on the 39th floor....quite the view!!

The place was packed with different "bays" which were small studio spaces all set up to take photos using different techniques with the help of mentors.  

There were also "Pods" set up which were like small little discussion areas where the mentors can teach little mini classes.  These were very helpful as well!   

The mentors would later take us outside to shoot various models as they would shoot them in an actual photo shoot.  I learned all about various off camera lighting techniques.  This was very helpful to me since I mostly shoot using natural light.  
The mentors that I had were all pretty amazing.....and VERY helpful!

MIke Ridinger shows off his baby wrangling skills.

Speaking of babies.....there were lots of folks crowded in to see the adorable newborn models....

The fantastic Chuck Arlund really gets into his work. 

Brian Demint from Eyeworks Photography  was by far one of my favorite mentors of the weekend....his work just blows my mind!

Here he is demonstrating just one of his techniques using just a single bulb and a piece of plexi glass....

Here is the  my photo from that setup....



While we were photographing one of our child models.....she happened to point behind us and say...."Look, some elephants."  Sure enough, there was literally a herd of elephants walking down the street behind us heading for the circus. 


Did I mention that we had some pretty amazing models at this event as well??????

To see the rest of the images that I got at this workshop....visit the gallery   HERE.

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BABY STELLA Had a lot of fun with adorable Stella and her family in the park.  Stella was so bright eyed and smiley it was a no-brainer to get some cute photos of this sweetie.




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DAVINA AND THE VAGABONDS This will be our 2nd time getting to hear Davina and the Vagabonds.....both times at Blues City Deli in Benton Park.  This is by far one of my FAVORITE bands and judging by the huge crowd who showed up....I'm not the only one who thinks that.

I'm now a Davina stalker and will be looking forward to her next visit. :)


Davina has the best facial expressions.....

Her "Vagabonds" were an outstanding addition to Davina's keyboard and amazing voice. 


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JENN + BRETT It was so wonderful to get to be a part of this fantastic coupe's wedding.  I have known Jenn and Brett since the beginning and they are perfectly matched for each other!  The wedding was a total surprise for most of the guests.  They arrived at the Map Room for the "Engagement" party only to be shocked later into finding out that this would also be their WEDDING DAY!  The weather was beautiful and The Map Room in Benton Park is a wonderful choice for any outdoor party....such beautiful decor and flowers everywhere!  


The food was catered by Cha Cha Chow!  

The big surprise!!!

Jenn ran upstairs with her crew to do the quick change! 




To see the rest of the photos or to order prints....please visit their album HERE.


Caterers: Culination and Cha Cha Chow

Cake: KBakes

Flowers: Handmade by Jenn and Flowers to the People

Hair: Lynette Vogel from Tony Russo's Hair Design

Emgagement Ring: Shane Co and the center diamond was Jenn's Great Grandmother's engagement ring stone.

Wedding Bands: Jenn is from Shane Co. and Brett's was hand made by Jenn's Uncle from R.C. Fisher Goldsmith.



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MARCHFOURTH + MONTANA SKIES AND BEGGARS @ 2720 Got some photos of MarchFourth at 2720 Cherokee on Wednesday night.  


Montana Skies opened the show.  Jennifer Adams on her Cellos along with her husband Jonathan were amazing!

Members from The Beggar's Carnivale were also in attendance that night.

Some of the Pyro acts that I got to see.

MarchFourth took the floor w/ a clash of drums/horns/and other instruments.  The stilt walkers were so entertaining and I loved all the costumes!  I even bought a hat that night! :)

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Had a great time at the Blues City Deli on Thursday.  I went to see Matt Hill and the Deep Fryed 2 celebrating their CD release of "Tappin' That Thing".  It was a great turnout (as usual) and they rocked the house!  Adam and Aaron also joined in from the Funky Butt Brass Band.


Click HERE to see the rest of the photos from that show......

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CATIE + SAM {The Engagement} I have never visited New Town, MO before so I wasn't sure what to expect when Catie and Sam chose this area as the destination for their engagement shoot.  I was introduced to Catie and Sam through my second shooter Kymberlie Birkenkamp  and they are such a fun couple.  The weather was scheduled to be a record high of 96 but that didn't slow them down a bit.  We had a great morning of running around from shade to shade to find some fun places in New Town.  There was this great little grocery shop with bistro sets outside, a wonderful canal in the center of town and even a giraffe!



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FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS I was fortunate enough to get invited to join a food photography class with the Shutterclub.  The class was taught by Steve Adams at his studio.  Steve has been photographing food for many years and really knows his stuff!  

We got to tour his studio first and see how he operates.  He has a kitchen in the studio where chefs can come create culinary masterpieces for Steve to photograph....and then later eat. :)  He then presented a very informative slideshow for us to enjoy that answered many of my questions about getting a photo into a magazine format.

His setup for the food shots really showed his attention to detail and how important light was in the finished product.


He had a back room for storage that contained dozens of various cutting boards, plates and other props that he uses for his photographic creations.


Last but not least, we got to try out our skills with fruits and vegetables using various lighting and props that Steve set up.  It was so fun and really challenging for me.  I photographed some radishes and even a cupcake (that really took all my willpower not to eat after).


 I know that I now have a much greater appreciation of the food photos that I see in the future since I know how much went into getting that shot.  


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RANDY DANDIES - SCIENTIFIC AFFAIRS Headed to Plush Lounge for the first time to see The Randy Dandies and their Scientific Affairs show.  I had no idea what to expect from the venue so I was pleasantly surprised when I got there.  The place was huge and on one side there was a large elevated stage with tables all around.  The other side had a very cool looking restaurant with a very warm, art house atmosphere.

One of the bars


The show was centered around "Science" and the kids were in true nerdtastic form.  There were all sorts of skits about teachers and students including a wrestling team, an art teacher and even some yoyo performers.





I was with a few friends and everyone seemed to have a great time.   I want to go back soon to try some of the food at Plush.....I heard good things about it all night. 






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Headed to Off Broadway for the 3rd Annual Brasstravaganza hosted by the Funky Butt Brass Band.  They performed various Christmas songs in their own funky style.  I took some Santa Photos for Stray Rescue donations and basically just had a blast. There were a few special guests including Mimi Le Yu who did a couple of songs.   Lots of fun people there that night.




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HOLIDAY TWINS I couldn't wait to meet these little guys and to see Janet again.  They were so full of fun and really kept me on my toes.  It was a chilly day and getting late or I think I would have took photos of them for another hour.  It was also great seeing Rogan again....he used to be a client of mine and he seemed to remember me in a good way. :)

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Headed over to my friends Mark and Alessandra's house for Mark's birthday party.  This year Mark decided to dress as Krampus since the holiday is so close.  He was great....good times.  

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Olin's Family Photo Shoot

Olin and his parents Jenna and Matt, paid me a visit for their family holiday photo shoot.
We couldn't have had better weather for this time of year and Olin was such a good little guy, I swear he's always in the best mood.   He also just started walking a few days after this shoot. :)

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To see the rest of the photos.....visit their album HERE....

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Today I got to meet little Sage.  His parents Christina and Yacob were blessed with this little angel on Aug. 22nd, so he was only 2 weeks old.   He was very cooperative for his photo shoot and even gave us a few smiles.   I am so glad that I got to meet him and can't wait to watch him grow!  

Pay a visit to his album to see more ...
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BIG MUDDY BLUES FESTIVAL Headed down to the Big Muddy Blues Festival at the Landing in St. Louis over Labor Day Weekend. I was invited by Big Mike Aguirre to come down and photograph and listen to some awesome Blues by the Blues City how could I resist?





To see the rest of the photos or to order prints, visit...
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The twelfth annual Festival of Nations took place over the weekend on August 27th and 28th in Tower Grove Park.   This multicultural celebration featured food and art from over 51 ethnicities. Various dancers and musicians performing throughout the festival, showing off their cultural costumes and instruments.  There were also many activities and crafts for the whole family to enjoy. 


Here you can go and see the rest of the photos that I got that Sunday.  I can't wait til next year!

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IT IS HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! Here is little Bender....passed out.  It's was only 7 in the morning!

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RASPUTINA CONCERT Rasputina paid a visit to The Old Rock House on Thursday, July 21st, 2011. St. Louis was fourth on their tour to promote their newest album, "Sister Kinderhook". The tour will finish up in Sandusky, OH on August 16th.

The trio, approached the stage without aplomb in silence and took their seats, tuned their cellos and the rest was a night of bliss for Rasputina fans. To the adoring calls of "We love you, Melora!", which was greeted with a subtle sideways smile, the cavalcade of soulful and melodic sounds greeted the crowds ears. The blistering heat, which Melora Creager commented on, had little effect on their performance although both her and fellow cellist, Daniel DeJesus' skills were madly red-hot, complimenting the intense beating of strings and thrilling voice. Dawn Micelli from the infamous "Dawn and Drew Show" rounded out the trio on the drums.

In between songs Melora quipped her trademark witty statements. "I grew up in Missouri," she deadpanned to the laughter of the crowd. "No, really. I was, uh, born in Missouri." And then she was off, entrenched in the next song. Her ability to get lost and then find herself and connect with fellow musicians in the midst of a performance, weaving back and forth again, is a rare talent reminiscent of the style of Tori Amos.

Ending the show with a Melora-dubbed "duplect" was the final cherry on the crowds sundae, their only disappointment being the lack of encoure.

Tonight was also my friend Ami Amore' birthday party so I had lots of fun with friends as well.  Great night!!!

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There was even a family of geese watching us..

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BABY LIAM Headed to the Botanical Garden to photograph baby Liam once again. It was a beautiful Spring day and this time I got to meet Dad. There beautiful tulips and Phlox in bloom so we didn't have to look too far to find backgrounds. Liam is growing like a weed and getting more and more animated....Dad had his hands full!

Picnik collage


IMG_6758 copy



Here are the rest of the photos....

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KATIE + CRAIG What a beautiful day for a wedding!!  Here are just a few photos from this special day.



IMG_9845 bw fiim



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Yesterday it really started snowing here in St. Louis, MO. Weird weather is not unusual here, but the amount of snow that stuck was a beautiful sight! After work I stopped at Lafayette Park on the way home and got a few photos. I love the way the snow looked on the new flowers as wonderful!
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CHRISTMAS PARTY - FMP ]]> [email protected] (CRYROLFE PHOTOGRAPHY) Mon, 13 Dec 2010 04:29:00 GMT BLUES CITY DELI - STREETFEST 2010

Wow.....the Street fest this year couldn't have been better!!!
Perfect weather, amazing food, friendly folks and some of the best music around....all in one place!!!
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TRIP DADDYS - THE PROPOSAL!! The header band was Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers (also very awesome).
A little bit into the Trip Daddy set, Craig Daddy surprised everyone by calling Katie onto the stage and asking for her hand in marriage.

To see the rest of the photos, visit....


It was all very sweet.
Here's a video of the event by stweekly

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