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Created 15-Oct-14
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Madalyn McLean(non-registered)
I am John Herlihy's sister. Your photographs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. We will be contacting you when we decide on which one(s) we are interested in purchasing. Happy Holidays.
Jan - Hungry Holler Art Refuge(non-registered)
Madame C:

Your pictures have HEART. Some are quirky as the dickens. I LOVE that. You see the world your very own way and you capture the vision to share with US.

And you love animals. That alone is enough to endear you to the universe.
ami amore'(non-registered)
I love your site! The pics and the music! Much love to you!
Tony (The Painter)(non-registered)
I love you work you are obviously very talented, but more important it looks like you enjoy yourself. I look forward to seeing more of your work
Laurie Sullivan(non-registered)
Fabulous beginning, I will finish them between school assignments. Even though it doesn't do the work justice, is there a way to make the photos go faster? Thank you!